Clinical Volunteer



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


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The Academy of Medical and Public Health Services is a grassroots nonprofit organization working to enhance healthcare accessibility among underserved communities in the New York City area. We work primarily in the immigrant community of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, where over a quarter of the population is uninsured and nearly one-third suffers from chronic health conditions. As an entrepreneurial community-based organization, we are trying to fill in the gaps where the health care system leaves off. We do this by engaging in the community, researching their health care needs, offering free health screenings, health care assistance, education workshops, and community preparedness training, and connecting them with the resources they need--regardless of their immigration status. We are currently seeking long-term volunteers who are interested in assisting us in a clinical capacity to screen, counsel and educate screening participants. Candidates can have the choice to work on site at our facilities, remotely in the field at community public health events, or both.

Position Description:

The Academy of Medical & Public Health Services holds free in-house health screenings on Saturdays of every month, as well as community health fairs with partner organizations throughout the year, where our volunteers help underprivileged community members in the New York City (and in particular, the Brooklyn Sunset Park area) conduct regular disease screenings. Most of the screening participants lack health insurance or experience language barriers that prevent them from accessing available health resources. For many of the community members that come in, it is their first time receiving a health assessment in many years; after assessing their conditions, we help connect them to resources (such as free clinics) in the local neighborhood.

During these events, volunteer clinicians perform screenings such as: BMI, visual acuity, macular degeneration, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, oculomotor function, pupillary reflex, oxygen saturation, and dementia screenings. We also offer free HIV and Hepatitis C testing and mammograms in collaboration with outside organizations. At the beginning of the screening, AMPHS volunteers distribute health surveys through which we collect health data that we use to analyze community health trends and develop education programs.

The clinical volunteer will be responsible for presiding at or attending these health screening events, either with AMPHS or with AMPHS’s partners (may or may not land on a Saturday and may or may not be in Brooklyn), to conduct health screenings as well as a specialty screenings depending on the volunteer’s professional background. Volunteers may also be asked to host educational workshops based on their medical expertise and provide guidance to AMPHS Community Health Workers. We are looking for volunteers to preside over the screenings with sufficient medical training, such as nurses, physician assistants, physicians, nutritionists, dentists, psychologists, or any other medical professional. There is particular need for medical professionals who are able to perform all or some of the skills listed above and/or are able to provide additional services, such as mental health counseling, dental screenings or ophthalmological screenings.


  • Prior training, certification, and current professional licensure (e.g. RN, NP, MD, DO, DMD, DDS, etc.) in respective areas of expertise is required and candidates will be asked to submit copies of their certification/license with their application.
  • Candidates will serve independently; that is, providing a broad range of clinical services based on their own scope of practice, comfort, and level of licensure as an independent clinician volunteering at AMPHS sites and events. Candidates will be asked to submit proof of current professional liability coverage prior to commencing the position.
  • The candidate must express enthusiasm to serve and counsel marginalized community members and be passionate about working with a diverse population.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language (in particular, Spanish and Chinese) is a plus.


Training Provided

How To Apply

Please submit an online application on the AMPHS website and submit a resume and copies of any relevant licenses/certifications to All additional inquiries may be addressed to Mon Yuck Yu, Chief of Staff, at