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Our goal at Parent Academic Coaching Empowerment (PACE) is to assist children and families with high quality educational support services and advocacy to improve student achievement. By the end of the program, parents and teachers will have a broader understanding of our academic global society and how to manage everyday stressors. PACE provides workshops that are designed to empower parents, as we use holistic training sessions to help guide their children through their academic careers. We expose parents to a variety of resources that will prepare their children for the future and mold them to be well-rounded scholars. PACE is an inclusive program that seeks to provide support and encouragement to all children and families; no matter their background. We seek to develop the mindset for success in children and to prepare them to be productive members of society.


The PACE Program is an opportunity to gain hands-on community work and facilitation experience. Facilitators should demonstrate clear leadership experience as well as an interest in advocacy to improve student achievement. Eligible applicants must be:

§ Recent college graduates of a University or 2-year college

This position is an excellent and exciting opportunity for those interested in child development, education, non-profit work, and leadership, among other areas. The position offers a unique and exciting learning experience that is fun, dynamic, and challenging.


●      Personal fulfillment through contribution to people and the community

●      Satisfaction in helping families mature, progress, and achieve goals

●      Opportunity to improve your communication and leadership skills

●      Opportunity to increase your confidence and motivation

We are currently seeking applicants who are interested in facilitating bi- monthly workshops for parents in primarily low-income communities to help reshape the educational system.


*Time and Location TBD*(the workshops will be twice per month. Possibly the 1st and 3rd Saturdays).

1. Workshop discussing problem solving and decision making.

2. Workshop discussing developing relationship with parents, children and teachers.

3. Workshop discussing health and wellness.

Interested in bringing your leadership development to reshape a better academic global society? We ask that you submit a resume and cover letter clearly stating your interest and qualifications. Please also include the names and contact information for professional reference. We will do our best to notify you as quickly as possible of your application status decision.

Email these materials in PDF or Microsoft Word format to:

Please visit our website: for more information.

Thank you for your interest in our work and in this position!

Tatiana Toussaint

Fundraiser Coordinator

Friends of Bright Minds Community Prep, Inc.

Tel: (347) 423-1074, (608) 618-3224




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