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Looking for a cause to believe in? Want to know what makes us, us? The Imagine Scholar community is built around a shared purpose, what we like to call our 'WHY'. Established by the students and staff of the program, we commit and aim to:

Awaken the confidence to step outside our comfort zones

Cultivate the extraordinary in ourselves

Develop the courage to do the right thing

Be empowered to inspire our community and the world

Sound like something you could get behind? Then consider joining our inspiring team and community in rural South Africa as our new Program Associate + Youth Mentor.


What kind of team member would thrive at our program? Well...

Are you passionate, quirky, and/or inspired?

Are you committed to continually learning and developing on a personal and professional level?

Do you enjoy having new tasks and projects every day?

Are you looking to build multi-dimensional, mentoring relationships?

Do you want to help inspired youth find out what it means to be extraordinary?

Are you someone who likes to solve problems and is willing to step in to assist with whatever is needed?

Are you willing to work hard for an inspiring cause?

If yes to all of the above, then, we're interested in meeting you! We firmly believe that those who share our 'why' and approach towards life will be able to quickly learn, implement and thrive with the work we do on-site (in Kamhlushwa, South Africa). Want to know more about our work, students, and educational program? Check out our website for more info:



Schedule at Imagine Scholar:

Imagine Scholar is open Tuesday - Sunday; students attend our program 2:00 - 5:30pm (Tuesday - Friday) and 9:00am - 5:30pm (Saturday - Sunday)

Program Associate's schedule: Wednesday - Sunday; 9:30am - 5:30pm

Position Timeline:

Length: 6 months (preferred) but open to shorter stay

Start date: early April 2018

End date: (ideally) October 2018, though potential for extension if good fit


Team members will live on site in Kamhlushwa, South Africa with the other Imagine Scholar staff in a simple, private dormitory bedroom. At any given time there are 4-7 international team members on site.

Food, clean drinking water, running water, and unlimited internet access are also all provided for!


The program associate will also be provided a 1500 rand stipend per month.

Round trip ground transportation (not airfare) will be arranged and covered by Imagine Scholar.

Team members will be responsible for their round-trip airfare, extra off-site activities should they wish to partake in, 'eating out,' and any visas (would be required if you stayed more than 90 days) or shots that may be required/or that you wish to get.

Candidates who commit to a 6-month placement are offered a $500 flight reimbursement check upon the completion of their commitment.

Imagine Scholar offers additional flight credit reimbursement for team members who wish to participate in fundraising for the organization. Please ask about this if interested!

What's In It For You:

The Imagine Scholar community is a group of creative, inspired, driven youth and adults exploring their own development and learning. Being a part of the IS team means being a student. You'll have access to our expansive library of fiction and nonfiction books, like-minded staff from around the world, curious teenagers who love to share ted talks and articles with you, and the beautiful solitude of rural South Africa (a space to think, reflect, and grow yourself in whatever field you're interested in).

If you've been looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and dive into your own passions, this is a fantastic space to work in. You'll have the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause and while spending your free time on your own personal projects.


  • Stipend Provided
  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available

How To Apply


Please send your resume and a written or video (a video is preferred!) personal statement as to why you're interested in this opportunity to Please, no generic cover letters! We want to see who you are, what you're all about and how you see yourself contributing to the Imagine Scholar family. Our organization is an amazing place to work - our team and students are fun, dynamic, and really personable. Thus, we're looking for excited and genuine candidates. Tell us about your skills and quirks. Anything that makes you, you! Please also provide the following information:

  1. Where you saw this post
  2. Your first and last available date