Eco-building / Eco-Carpentry for Sustainable Living



Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Himachal Pradesh


We invite university students / young professionals as international volunteers to join our internship program in India transforming lives and bringing hope for a better future!

Qualified applicants will contribute in the following ways:

  • learning about our work, culture, the types of structures in India (with wood and other materials), as well as the carpentry customs of the construction industry in India.
  • learn about poor marginalized people, their economic needs, and how bamboo carpentry / building / repair skills can empower them to better livelihood.
  • In cooperation with a local bamboo workers, develop a carpentry skills training class that will be relevant to a wide variety of types of people, and transferrable to a variety of cultures within India. Document the curriculum, run pilot programs, make revisions and implement.
  • Train Indian trainers/leaders to take over the carpentry training program and implement it on a regional level as appropriate and directed.

The internship program provides free accomodation and experiential learning opportunity in cross-cultural settings.

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Fee Required


Training Provided

Housing Available

Language/Cultural Support Available

We welcome



International Volunteers

How To Apply

To apply, email the following to -

- Cover letter including your motivations, fields of work interest, desired period of your stay (with start and finish dates) and expectations; - A CV/resume including the contact information of a reference;