Building a school and teaching in a poverty-stricken area of rural Uganda

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The project is based in Buikwe district in the Central region of Uganda. Volunteers' help is needed in a local nursery and primary school serving the community of Mabira. With around 300 children, the school doesn't have proper permanent structures. The school was started with the aim to provide a safe place to study and protect children from rape, traditional sacrifices and other calamities happening as they walked through the forest for more than 5 km to attend schools in other communities. The local people are mostly sugar plantation workers, some hit by HIV/AIDS, living in poverty and often leaving their young ones alone to care for their siblings. We are trying to put up permanent structures for the school and support its day to day running. The international volunteers will teach the children in the school, will organize awareness activities with the local population about care and protection of children, and will help in the construction of a permanent building for the school. They will also join the efforts to help improve the school water and sanitation facilities.

Duration of the project: 1 to 12 months. The program is running throughout the year.

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