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Bowery Hotel
355 Bowery
New York
New York
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Volunteer with SuitUp!

Volunteers needed for Suit Up for SuitUp fundraising gala

November 2nd, 2018 at The Bowery Hotel

335 Bowery St New York, NY 10003


Position: Suit Up for SuitUp gala volunteer

# of Hours:  7+

Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid

# of Positions Available: 5-7

The Opportunity

SuitUp is currently seeking volunteers for our 4th annual Suit Up for SuitUp black tie event, to support the team in organizing and executing the event. We are hosting our annual SuitUp for Suit Up fundraiser on November 2nd to raise money for our 2019 program serving 3,200 students in New York City. The event will be hosted at the Bowery Hotel and include a night of drinks, dancing, and raising funds through a silent auction for SuitUp. In this effort, we would love to have volunteers to aid us in facilitating the event and fundraising initiatives.

Specific Responsibilities

Volunteers will work directly with SuitUp’s Executive Director, Lauren Reilly. Some of the specific responsibilities include:

·     Gathering guest information during check-in

·     Tracking donations made throughout the event

·     Collecting pledge cards

·     Supporting the silent auction

·     Handing out gift bags

·     Setting up and breaking down the event space (making gift bags, bringing in silent auction items, collecting food and alcohol, etc.)

·     Support SuitUp’s Corporate Leadership Board as needed

·     Other “super hero” tasks as needed (also known as “being the fixer”) and ensuring all the guests have an amazing time


Benefits to volunteering include exposure to more than 400 leaders in the financial services, technology, entertainment, hospitality, and media industry. SuitUp’s fundraiser has sold out for the past 3 years. It is also a great way to give back to a charity working in some of New York’s most struggling communities.


Overview of Suit Up

Founded in 2014, SuitUp is a 501c3 non-profit organization that increases college and career awareness with students from low-income high need communities. SuitUp organizes one-day student business competitions for corporate volunteers where employees help students solve a problem for a real company, like creating a new shoe for Nike or a new product for Beats by Dre. Since inception, SuitUp has hosted competitions for organizations like Goldman Sachs, NBCUniversal, LinkedIn and many others, organizing events for over 3,000 volunteers and impacting more than 5,500 students. 

Please indicate your interest in the following volunteer positions:

1.   The “Day of” Volunteer—This volunteer is committing to helping out the day of the event. The time commitment would be ~6pm-3am.

2.   The “Leading Up to the Event” Volunteer—This volunteer is committing to working with SuitUp staff a few days before the event occurs. This will mostly be office work (emails, calls, making gift bags, etc.) and ensuring everything is ready to be moved to the venue. The time commitment is flexible here. Whatever time you can give, we’ll take!

3.   The “I’m All In” Volunteer—This volunteer is so excited to be giving back to SuitUp that they just want to do it all! This volunteer will be Lauren Reilly’s right hand man or woman leading up to the event and the day/evening of the event. The time commitment is at least the 48 hours leading up to the event and all day the day of the event.


If interested in volunteering with SuitUp please contact Lauren Reilly at to set up a phone call to talk further.


How To Apply


If interested in volunteering with SuitUp please contact Lauren Reilly at to set up a phone call to talk further.