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Nosy Be


Come to Madagascar’s island of Nosy Be to help protect its ecosystems while exploring some of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkeling sites!

About the Project

As the fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is a country with varied landscapes and is home to thousands of flora and fauna species not found anywhere else! Unfortunately, many of the rainforests are disappearing and the population increase has a damaging impact on the island’s ecology.

We aim to provide local communities, governments and international conservation agencies with the information needed to design and implement management plans to protect the area’s ecosystems. Participants undergo extensive training in order to be qualified in surveying techniques. We recommend that volunteers stay for a minimum of 6 weeks as time can limit your involvement.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

Volunteer work consists of:

  • MANGROVE MAPPING – study biodiversity of mangroves - a vital part of coastal ecosystems which serve as a safeguard against cyclones
  • HABITAT MAPPING –note the areas where coral, sea grass, rock and other substances are present to produce an all-inclusive underwater map
  • CORAL DISEASE – study areas where disease is present to find if areas are affected by various environmental factors
  • CETACEANS – note whale and dolphin sightings to help design long-term research plans
  • FISHERY STUDIES – study fish behavior and asses composition and catch levels to provide an idea of fishery health levels and provide insight for long-term changes

Join now for the experience of a lifetime!!

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