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Background: AntiquityNOW is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, online organization incorporated in New York, NY. The mission of AntiquityNOW is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage by demonstrating how antiquity’s legacy influences and shapes our lives today and for generations to come. The goal of AntiquityNOW is to illustrate that humankind’s commonalities are stronger than its differences, and to share this knowledge to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among our global family. AntiquityNOW carries out its mission through public engagement, educational programs and advocacy on behalf of our collective world heritage. Our blogs for adults and children, educational curricula, arts activities, international children’s film and video festival, and special projects provide an immersive experience into ancient cultures and illuminate how these legacies still inform our lives today. Our curricula are popular with teachers and are designed to follow the National Council on the Social Studies educational guidelines in the US. AntiquityNOW is committed to bringing the past alive in an exciting, enriching and thoroughly fun way. We are growing, garnering much attention in national and international communities, and looking for the right volunteers to share their talents, skills and enthusiasm in our important work.


Job Purpose: To assist the Executive Director in enriching and maintaining AntiquityNOW’s website as a vital cultural and educational tool.  Our website is the primary vehicle for our content and outreach. Educators use our resources extensively, and we also engage archaeologists, museum professionals, antiquities experts, historians, foreign policymakers, government officials and many others who work in or are interested in cultural heritage. Through our website we want to make our resources more useful, known and accessible to people around the world.


Description: The Editorial Assistant will assist the Executive Director in website updates, blog and curricula site postings, video and audio program production, compilation and tracking of website metrics, and other tasks as needed. Working as a team member with other staff, the Editorial Assistant will support the Executive Director in maintaining the highest standards for navigation, access, interactivity and information production and dissemination. The focus will be on national and international audiences; a sensitivity to different cultures is important.


This position is your chance to become intricately involved in the growth of a dynamic, unique enterprise. What you contribute will allow AntiquityNOW to pursue its important global mission. And equally important, the experience you gain will be directly transferrable to other career opportunities you may seek.


Requirements: Volunteers should have a background in computer and technical support, strong writing and communications skills, and experience and/or an awareness of and interest in archaeology/cultural studies. Experience with WordPress preferred. We want a person who can work independently yet be comfortable collaborating with a strong team of professionals who are fiercely competent and revere a good sense of humor. We expect some measure of on-the-job learning and training, but we seek people who can take us to the next level of competence and productivity as we expand our offerings through our website. We’re especially looking for those who are enthusiastic and willing to learn. We have an exciting challenge ahead in growing AntiquityNOW. We welcome volunteers who want to be part of this future.





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How To Apply


 Please email cover letter explaining why you are perfect for this job, and attach a resume.