Seniors Need a Companion To Doctors Appointments, Extremely Valuable Volunteer Position!



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Times of day

Weekday Afternoons

Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


New York
United States


Encore’s Senior Escort Program is a volunteer program designed to give much needed assistance and support to aging members of our community. It is difficult and sometimes impossible for seniors to travel by themselves to necessary appointments such as doctors and dentist appointments, and on necessary errands such as food shopping. The Senior Escort program makes these crucial trips possible. Otherwise, due to physical frailty and disability, vision or hearing impairment, and cognitive problems, our senior neighbors are forced to cancel their trips - which leads to rapid decline in health and quality of life.

Things to know:

  • As a volunteer, you will meet the senior at their front door, accompany them to their appointment or errand, and then accompany them back to their home.
  • Trips typically take 1-3 hours, depending on the circumstance.
  • You will travel via public transportation (each individual is responsible for their own metro card) or via cab (the senior participant is responsible for cab fees)

Duties include:

  • Helping the older person dress in outerwear such as coat, sweater or hat for the trip
  • Helping the older person lock and unlock his/her residence
  • Helping the older person with physical strains such as assistance on stairs and carrying/pushing the grocery cart


  1. Commitment of at least 6 months
  2. Weekly commitments, preferred
  3. Successful criminal background check & reference check
  4. Flexible hours Monday-Friday. 2-4 mornings or afternoons available per month
  5. Attend program orientation & training
  6. Must be at least 18 years old
  7. Sensitive and empathic with the senior population


Schedule: The program is not a fixed schedule. Requests come in every week, at different times and days Monday-Friday. You will escort seniors based on your availability!

Your role as a volunteer in this program is incredibly valuable and rewarding. Senior program participants are so grateful for your time and help. It is a simple but vital service.


Training Provided

We welcome

International Volunteers

How To Apply

Please email Emma Anderson, LMSW at expressing your interest in the program.