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NF Michigan Board of Directors Member Description

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW NF Michigan was established in 1985 as the Neurofibromatosis (NF) Support Group of West Michigan. In its 30+ years of existence, the organization has existed to help families learn about the disorder, learn about the available care and treatment, and support each other emotionally. Now a member group of the nationally focused NF Network, NF Michigan has moved beyond West Michigan to support programs across the state of Michigan. The organization’s programs aim to enhance the quality of life for those affected by neurofibromatosis in Michigan by assembling and promoting educational opportunities and resources, providing scholarships and personal grants for those affected by NF, hosting an annual camp and other networking opportunities for people with NF and their families, participating in national advocacy, and supporting medical research. What makes NF Michigan unique is that it is the only regional organization providing physical, financial, and emotional support to families affected by neurofibromatosis in the state of Michigan.

MISSION The mission of NF Michigan is to enhance the quality of life for those affected by neurofibromatosis in Michigan.

VISION NF Michigan’s vision is an educated, supported, and empowered NF Michigan community.

PROGRAMS NF Michigan accomplishes the mission in five ways:

• Awareness and Education

• Scholarships and Personal Grants

• Camps and Networking

• Advocacy

• Research Grants


TERMS OF SERVICE Two-year terms that may be renewed for subsequent terms if mutually agreed upon.

MEETINGS The NF Michigan Board meets twelve times a year. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise notified. The monthly meeting is held at the offices of Pageworks in Grand Rapids from 6:30pm-8pm unless otherwise notified. Teleconferencing is available for all meetings. Directors may also have Committee or Ad-Hoc responsibilities that may require time outside of normal monthly meetings. The dates and times for such meetings/events will be committee specific.


• Establish a strategic vision and plan for the organization

• Define annual performance targets and monitor progress

• Appoint committees, task forces, and ad-hoc groups needed to execute the strategic plan

NF Michigan Board of Directors Member Description

• Provide stewardship of financial resources

• Approve and monitor budget

• Examine periodic financial reports and annual IRS 990 filing

• Hire and evaluate executive staff as needed

• Recruit and engage board members

• Evaluate executive staff, board, and committees

• Communicate with external audiences; serve as ambassadors

• Maintain status as a legal entity

• Deliberate and make final decisions regarding policy

• Review and approve contracts and legally binding agreements

• Insure the organization does not act outside the scope of the organization’s legal documents and purposes

• Know and abide by the local, state, and federal laws governing the organization


• Board members shall attend a minimum of 75% of board meetings in a calendar year

• Give financial support to NF Michigan at least once a year and participate in fundraising efforts

• Be informed about the organization’s programs

• Review agenda packets, financial statements, and meeting minutes prior to board and assigned committee meetings

• Actively participate in the governance of the organization following best practices in nonprofit governance

• Be educated on the industry, provide strategic direction, and oversee management of the organization

• Become educated about Neurofibromatosis

• Operate in the interest of the nonprofit and not to use the position to further personal agenda

• Understand and abide by organizational operating documents such as by-laws, policies, board manuals

• Upon term completion (if not renewing) provide contact information for at least three people who may be a replacement for your position


• Ability to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively

• Ability to work well with people individually and in a group with sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views

• Willingness to devote time to prepare for and attend board and committee meetings

• Willingness to take responsibility and follow through on assignments

• Possess community-building skills and personal integrity

• Tangible skills and resources (or access to resources) that will help NF Michigan fulfill its mission

• Familiarity with Neurofibromatosis is not required




  • Training Provided

How To Apply


To apply, please visit http://www.nfmich.org/volunteer fill out the form and choose "Board of Directors" as an interest. NF Michigan is primarily based in Grand Rapids, MI but any applicant BASED IN MICHIGAN can be considered as teleconferencing is available.