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Heartland Alliance’s Refugee and Immigrant Community Services office partners with refugees, asylees, immigrants and survivors of trafficking to address their needs by connecting them to their new community, providing education and employment services and the help they need to succeed in their new country.

Our move-in crew needs strong and reliable members to assist in assembling housing kits, delivering and setting up housing items for our newly-arrived participants. The move-in crew serves a crucial role in actively setting up refugee participants for success in their life in Chicago. After much transition and exhausting travel, it is important to arrive to a furnished and clean place to call home.

The Refugee and Immigrant Community Services office is seeking to develop partnerships with community, religious, and corporate volunteer groups in Chicago. Community groups have the opportunity to collect full or partial housing kits for our participant families. Groups can also coordinate with the resettlement agency to do housing set-ups at the most convenient times.

Volunteers should be able to lift at least 25 pounds easily. Items to be moved include beds, couches, kitchen tables, chairs, desks, dressers, and decorations.


All or any of the following can be accepted.

Example of housing kit for family of 4 include:

1 full-size bed, bed frame, box spring

2 twin-sized beds, bed frames, box springs

1 kitchen table

4 kitchen chairs

sofa (sitting room for 4 people)

1 Coffee table

3 night stands

1 dresser

1 floor lamp

Move-in group volunteers:

  1. Collect full or partial housing kit
  2. Work with volunteer coordinator and donations organizer to create better storing, collection, and moving systems
  3. Assist in transporting, moving, and setting up large and medium sized items
  4. Assemble furniture where necessary

We welcome:





  • Language/Cultural Support Available

How To Apply

Fill out our volunteer application! Contact Alyssa Wilson

Additional questions, contact: Alyssa Wilson | Volunteer Coordinator | | 4419 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL | 773.830.5963