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United States


Purpose of Position:

To provide FREE tax return preparation assistance to taxpayers in the community, including those persons with a low to moderate income (individuals and families), persons with disabilities, the non-English speaking and elderly individuals.

Length of Appointment: Mid-January through Mid-April.


  • Attend basic and/or refresher tax law training as needed, including the use of electronic filing software.
  • Successfully pass a test on required tax law knowledge.
  • Interview taxpayer to determine if all income, deductions and allowable credits are claimed.
  • Provide high-quality tax-return preparation assistance to all taxpayers. Directly prepare taxpayer’s returns based on information provided by the taxpayer or answer tax-related questions
  • Prepare only those tax returns for which training was provided.
  • Prepare tax returns using electronic filing system.
  • Refer taxpayers with complex returns to a the Site Manager who will review the complexity of the return; however, volunteers must *never* refer taxpayers to a specific practitioner or firm.
  • Ensure no compensation of any kind is accepted for volunteer services provided.
  • Maintain confidentiality of taxpayer information.
  • Ensure on-site quality review is performed on completed returns prior to being returned to taxpayer.
  • Ensure a copy of the completed return is provided to the taxpayer.
  • Provide 24-hour cancellation notice to Program Manager when unable to attend a site


  • Basic (or Advanced) tax knowledge (form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ). Tax training will be provided beginning late November .
  • Basic knowledge of computers.
  • Friendly, dependable and flexible.
  • Passing score of 80% as determined by IRS software Link and Learn. 

Support Available:

  • Orientation, training and on-site support will be provided.
  • Technical support will also be available from the Internal Revenue Service.

Time Required:

  • Minimum of twelve (12) hours per month for each of the three months during the tax season.


Training Provided

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