Yoga Intructors



Start Date


End Date


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Redondo Beach
United States


Would you like to teach a donation based yoga class for a newly formed nonprofit organization? Our goal is to bring affordable yoga to our community. Physical well-being is the common element bringing us together. 

We are recruiting instructors and will soon have a studio. We want to build the physical studio space into a "Yoga Social" with space to meet and connect with each other. 

In order to raise funds for the studio we will be holding yoga/social events, crowd funding and other forms of fundraising as well as more traditional routes of donor solicitation as our following grows. In the mean time we are renting a space on a per class basis. The address is 400 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach and it's big and beautiful!

Suggested donations will be encouraged to reimburse instructors for their time and effort as well as to grow our mission.

This is a great opportunity for new instructors to gain clients as well as veteran instructors to give to the community and be part of something special. There are donation-based studios out there but not enough and not in the South Bay. That is what we hope to change with this nonprofit. 

Come volunteer with SoCal Yoga Social to make a difference in our community and connect with like-minded people.


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Candidate must be certified to teach yoga.

Please tell us your story! What's your style of teaching? Any philosophy you use to support your teaching and practice. We are interested in people that want to help grow our organization and give the gift of yoga to our community. This means marketing your classes and the nonprofit as a whole.