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Social impact journeys are curated journeys designed for those who want to make a difference. A journey designed to inspire, challenge and bring bright individuals together from across the globe. Social Impact Journeys are week-long curated expeditions of discovery, insights and reciprocation in India. The journeys will give you a deeper understanding of how to use your own talent and energy to better the local community, country and the world! We focus on interactive and experiential learning to enhance your business skills as well as strategic thinking as a key to solving environmental, economic and social challenges of the 21st Century.


Join a group of 20 inspiring individuals on this immersive saga to understand Sustainable Development Goals and the untapped power of social impact in India.

Be part of Social Impact Journey:

1 Discover 'you' as a changemaker: shape your future

Our journeys are for people committing themselves to work for social reconstruction at all levels. According to Gallup, only 31.5% (USA) or 13% of people worldwide are actively engaged in their jobs. the overwhelming majority is not even close to working at their true potential, lots of activists are burned out, disillusioned, despairing or even losing their passion that once drove them to work for social change So whether you are a CEO, Startup Founder, professional or on a career break, the sessions by experienced International Leadership Coaches will help you discover your role as a changemaker.

The sessions will be conducted in groups of 5 participants.

2 Sector Deep Dive

​We believe when leaders meet the 'real people' behind the statistics, they will not just be inspired but motivated to lead and bring in change. We travel off the beaten path to speak directly with community leaders, see local innovations in action, and understand how progress is being lead from the ground up - the centers of innovation. Workshops on social enterprise ecosystem in India, sustainable development goals, local issues, and approaches by local innovators will be led by subject matter experts who are seasoned professionals and thought leaders in their respective fields.

3 Learning Walks

One story at a time - that’s our mantra. Keep your eyes, ears and minds open as we celebrate the stories of innovators, business run by women entrepreneurs, young tech coders, education, re-thinking poverty & gender

and much more.

4 Hackathons

The Hackathon will enable India’s social entrepreneurs to present their business opportunities and challenges to the group. The participants are divided into groups and each group is assigned a consulting project where each group volunteers with organisation and help them achieve their strategic as well tactical goals. You get a chance to with local entrepreneurs on causes close to your heart and solve some of their most pressing issues. Projects will range from marketing, fundraising, proposals, website design solutions. Contribute to the local initiatives through your skills like marketing, fundraising, scaling, strategy and finance.

What will you gain from taking part in this journey?

You will get a chance to deepen your knowledge about social impact, understand the interventions and use your skills to give back to the organisations.

You get to meet experts from different industries, meet beneficiaries and stakeholders

Microfinance - The bank for a changing world- Banker to the “unbanked”

The pioneers of microfinance revolution will share how small loans made at affordable interest rates have transformed the lives of impoverished people in India.

Learning together in social innovation

Understand social enterprise in India through a field visit. You will undertake a field trip to 3 social organisations to meet changemakers, grassroots innovators and thought leaders, gaining first-hand experience of the diverse range of issues faced by different communities.

Learning goes Digital:

Take an early morning local train, travel like a local to reach a primary school out of Mumbai. Learn how rural schools use technology for effective learning and empower the community in rural areas.

Women in India:

The gender gap is closing in some respects but remains disturbingly wide. Learn about the positive effects of social enterprise, discover ways social enterprise is empowering women, learn about organizations taking action and specific things your could be doing to contribute to leveling the playing field and providing opportunity for women and girls.

Create Your Own Masterpiece:

Artisans are the backbone of India’s rural economy outside of agriculture, with an estimated 7 million artisans in India engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood. Learn about craft social enterprise model, the history behind it, and then make your own piece of art with the artisans. Visit the place where things come from and the people who create them!


Creatively use your skills in marketing, fundraising, scaling, strategy, finance to help local social enterprises reach their strategic and tactical goals.This is your time to shine. Assist local social enterprises to reach their strategic and tactical goals. This is how you give back!

You can then creatively use your skills in marketing, fundraising,scaling, strategy, finance to help local social enterprises to reach their strategic and tactical goals. This is how you give back!

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