Once-a-week tutor for Promising Baltimore City High School Latina Girls



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Esperanza Center
430 South Broadway
United States


!Adelante Latina!, a three-year, after school, college-prep program for Baltimore City Latina girls. is searching for volunteers and experienced teachers to help to prepare 10th-12th grade Baltimore City Latina girls for the SAT, college, and the college and scholarship application process for the 2018-19 school year.

The program’s main objective is to prepare the students for college and to help them with the college and scholarship application process. The focus is on improving student vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills, as well as helping them with SAT preparation.

To achieve our mission, we need once-a-week volunteer tutors to work with our students and help them with their work. Tutors are expected to speak proper, grammatical English. Although teaching experience is not required, it is helpful. Tutors follow the work assigned by our team of teachers and should be able to teach reading comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary on a high school level. If they are teaching juniors or seniors, tutors will also help with the SAT verbal test preparation. Answers to the SAT questions are always provided but the teacher is expected to explain them. In general, assignments given by the ¡Adelante Latina! cohort teacher are given priority, followed by help with school assignments in the humanities.

¡Adelante Latina! meets from early September to late May, with a 5-week break from mid-December to late January. The program take place twice a week from 4:15-6:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Esperanza Center located at 430 S. Broadway. On one day, students meet as sophomore, junior and senior cohorts with a teacher, on the other day each student has a one-on-one volunteer tutor.


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How To Apply


To apply to volunteer with ¡Adelante Latina!, please contact Ellen Spokes at ellen@adelantelatina.com. 

Or go to our website and fill out a volunteer form: