Rescuer Associates: Help fight food waste and feed the hungry 10 hours a week!



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New York
New York
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Help your community stop food waste and fight hunger by bringing excess food to homeless shelters. You will be walking with trays of excess food, which would have been thrown out by the restaurant, to the nearest homeless shelter. Please note you must sign up for an account, and after you confirm your account via email, you must go back to our website to sign up for the event!

A Rescuer associates commits to leading 10 food rescue events a week. They always lead the same events every week. Rescuer associates are required to do all of the events every week. If they miss one event, they must make up their event hour that week, or a future date, but the event must be made up. Throughout the commitment, you will be paid $8 per route.

As a Rescuer Associate, you will also be leading groups of volunteers during events, and actively engaging them. Core rescuers educate our volunteers on the issues of food waste and hunger, while leading them from the restaurant, to a nearby homeless shelter, where we drop off the food donations. Training is provided.

If you are interested, please sign up to 2 events and email to let us know which events you signed up for!


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How To Apply

Please email us your resume to the above address. Please also sign up for 2 food rescue events at