Educational and leisure activities for children from the river slums of Hanoi

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Phuc Xa, Long Bien
Ha Noi


The participants in this project will bring much needed attention and support to disadvantaged street children and children living in an illegal settlement at the Red River in the outskirts of Hanoi. The volunteers will organize different games, entertainment and educational activities for the kids, which may include teaching English, basic facts about other countries, health and hygiene, etc.

The Red River is the biggest river in Vietnam. The delta is located in the capital Hanoi. The city continues to expand with many people coming from the countryside into the urban area. This however is an expensive endeavor with the government imposing a tax on those coming from the rural area to prevent a massive influx of people. Despite this, many poor people still decide to come, and end up living in houseboats at the river. Since they do not technically live in Hanoi, they must pay for school which is usually free until the age of 12. The entire family must work hours that most people would consider inhumane. The children wander the streets begging and collecting rubbish. An entire family barely makes $2 a day.

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