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Did you know? In New Jersey:

  • 17% of adults lack basic literacy skills
  • 12% have not earned a high school diploma
  • 20% of those without a high school diploma are living in poverty
  • 18% of NJ residents have limited English
  • ONLY 3% of NJ adults who lack a diploma or don't speak English well are currently receiving services

There is a tremendous need for adult literacy services in Kearny.

  • 37% of Hudson County residents were found to lack basic prose literacy skills (compared to a State average of 17 percent).
  • 41% of residents are foreign-born (compared to 21.8 for the State),
  • 62.5% speak a language other than English.

For many immigrants, opportunities for meaningful work and economic self-sufficiency, is depended on their ability to speak English and that's why we NEED YOU.

Join Our Team of Tutors Changing Lives 

Literacy NJ West Hudson Programs is recruiting volunteer tutors to help adult learners improve their literacy skills. Tutors receive 10 hours of training during four sessions they will learn to lead assist students in preparing for their GED exam.


The curriculum is provided, and tutors sign up for one semester at a time. We're looking to for fall tutors NOW! Tutors pick their own schedule.


The training is offered 5:30 to 8 p.m. on September 18th, 20th, 25th, and 27th at the Kearny Branch Library, 759 Kearny Avenue.          


For information or to register, call 201-998-3336 or email slomax@literacynj.org.