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GripTape challenges the notion that learning must be adult-engineered and guided, and instead creates opportunities for young people to follow their passions — as inventors, designers, and producers— through the GripTape Learning Challenge. We work with underserved high school-aged youth (15-19 years old) to provide resources and support that enable them to actively construct their paths for success.

It is inspiring to bear witness as youth grow and ignite their learning passions, and young people tell us again and again how empowering and transformative it is to have full control over their decisions with consistent support from a person who takes genuine, deep interest in their efforts.

We’re currently seeking part-time volunteers who are committed to youth development to support GripTape young people. Servicing as a "Champion," this opportunity allows you to:

  • Offer motivation and encouragement to youth who are driving their own learning.
  • Actively listen and encourage GripTape youth without guiding or advising their decision-making

We provide approximately 3 hours of training by video conference. Champions hold virtual calls — Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime — with Challengers every few weeks during their learning journeys with youth across the U.S. for 1–3 months per learning cycle. Hours are flexible, with regular check-ins set around the schedules of the youth and Champion.

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To volunteer with GripTape, please sign up here.