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Subject Matter Areas of Expertise & Descriptions

UI/UX Design

Delivering an end-user focused product requires patience to test, explore, research, listen and evolve. UI/UX is a core competency for any technology company for product optimization, effectiveness and uptake. Seeking an individual with understanding of each function - user interface and user experience - and the application for early stage startups.

Product Development

A product is worth a 1000 meetings, but can also be an expensive endeavor. Product development moves in phases from concept to market launch, and repeats itself as new features are added. Seeking an individual with expertise using lean methodologies, agile process and roadmapping that early stage startups can immediately use to build their prototype - within budget.

Finance & Accounting

A strong financial infrastructure is critical for any company, new or established. For an early stage company, it’s important to implement good practices early to maintain sustainable growth, managed spending and avoiding fines or tax issues later in the life cycle of the company. Seeking an individual with strong command of basics as they apply future growth.

Business Development & Strategy

Business development is what enables a startup to grow. It’s especially important for startup founders/leaders to understand how to create growth opportunities and target, acquire and retain customers. Seeking an individual with experience in strategy, relationship building, negotiations and converting and growing clientele.

Marketing & Branding

Seeking an individual with expertise developing brand strategy and appropriating marketing dollars to reinforce the brand of the company. Taking into account the company mission, vision, products and/or services and the message you want to deliver to the customer.

Pitch Training

Communicating a clear, concise and enticing message about your startup product and vision is a key skill for any startup team, especially its founder/leaders. Seeking an individual with sales and presentation expertise that can provide insight on developing a different message for various audiences.


Our program focuses on teaching participants how to build software, not just code. Founders/entrepreneurs will be learning how monitor, manage and analyze their systems. Seeking an individual with experience in these areas at an organizational level.




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