Medical care program in India

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Kundapur & Bangalore


Participants in this Medical internship program will have the opportunity to learn about the healthcare system of India and its specifics while supporting doctors, medical staff and patients. The placements are in South India, in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The tasks and responsibilities will be assigned based on each volunteer’s experience, background and skill set. Volunteer duties can range from simply observational to following doctors on their ward rounds, assisting in outpatient clinics, and shadowing doctors and paramedics.

Volunteers in this program will be exposed to many different cases and various aspects of the daily routine in a hospital. The doctors and medical staff will be happy to share their experience and specialized knowledge, and answer your questions.

Duration of the project: The project is run all year round. Minimum duration is 1 month. The project starts on the first Monday of every month.

Arrival and orientation: Volunteers arrive at Kundapur by the first Monday of each month. The program will start with a week-long orientation.

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How To Apply

Submit your application and motivation letter at:

USA: 646-657-2900; 617-841-0400; 310-882-7400

Canada: 416-943-4900; 514-316-8500; 604-628-7400