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AYANA International ( is a youth-led, California-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth in the developing world to harness their potential as changemakers by identifying and solving problems in their communities. We're empowering the next generation of social innovators in developing countries through innovative programs designed to stimulate empathy and problem-solving skills.

The AYANA Youth Innovation Incubator Program is a 5-hour-long research, innovation, idea development, and presentation curriculum that allows youth to identify problems in their communities and come up with solutions. We have reached 325+ young people through our Youth Innovation Lab programs in Kisumu, Nairobi, Muhanga, Moshi, Cape Town, and Buea -- the projects designed by youth which we have funded have reached thousands of individuals.

If you want to be a part of a youth-led organization changing how we think about development and creating a sustainable and equitable future for all, join us!

We are looking for a fundraising/development team to help us bring essential programs to developing communities in Africa. We have dozens of brilliant project ideas designed entirely by youth from menstrual hygiene to help girls stay in school to youth-led community gardens to hydroponic farming initiatives. There are, of course, funds needed associated with executing these programs and allowing the youth to have a tangible impact. That's where you come in!

We're looking for someone to help build our following and increase donations so that we're able to fund this project and many more critical anti-poverty programs designed entirely by youth, and monitored by experts in community development. If you have skills in an area outside of fundraising (i.e. blog writing, website design feedback on our current site at, strategy, etc.) or would like to run an AYANA program in your city, whether in the US or internationally, please be in touch.




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