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11 Metheun Road
Manicaland Province



You can volunteer on a care placement as part of a gap year, a summer vacation, a career break, as part of an extended vacation, or during your retirement.

About the Program

Care volunteers have the opportunity to work with orphans in an orphanage in Nyanga .The placement is safe and secure for volunteers and had the opportunity for them to experience the life of an African child. The homes provide full-time care for orphaned or abandoned children and are places where children are given friendship and support while they wait to be reunified with their relatives and community. The children who have made it to these homes and centers will benefit from the emotional support that volunteers have the time and energy to give. This is where your help is most needed. Volunteers also organize occasional trips out from the orphanage and sometimes assist with fundraising events.

The orphanage always provides a safe haven where children can be free to play and learn away from the stresses of their home or street lives.

Volunteers will meet and work with children ages 4 to 18 who are either former street children or otherwise at risk. 

Apart from fundamental childcare activities such as feeding and making sure all the children have suitable clothing and access to bathroom facilities, volunteers will find themselves getting involved in other essential activities.

 Volunteers will help children to learn to count, do homework, organize games or letting a child braid your hair, A Care volunteer  will make a difference to the quality of their daily lives.

The orphanage will give you an opportunity for volunteers to provide an extra dimension to the children’s education by giving them some informal English lessons. 

Volunteers will have a change to help an over-stretched local staff by talking care young children and the centre through also providing counseling and administrative duties assigned to them. And though the staffs are competent and professional, they lack the necessary resources to properly look after so many young children, and are grateful for volunteer help.

As Care Placement volunteers the opportunity is sure to be challenging but there will not be a single moment when you will doubt that you are needed and valued.

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