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The Sourland Conservancy hosts free guided hikes, offers educational seminars and presentations, implements stewardship and advocacy initiatives, and organizes events including the Sourland Music Festival and the Sourland Spectacular bicycle rally. With a staff of just 2 1/2, our organization relies on volunteers to help plan and run these many and various ways to "Save the Sourlands.”

One of the greatest challenges we face is raising awareness about the ecological and cultural importance of the region, the threats it faces, the steps we’re taking, and specific ways that folks can help. We would like to encourage people to experience the preserves and develop a deeper understanding of the native trees, plants and animals here. We would also like to educate the public about the importance of protecting the resources and following best stewardship practices on their own land. 

We are seeking volunteers to take photos of various subjects in the Sourland region of central New Jersey and email them to photos@sourland.org. Please include the location and date. If you know the name of the plant or critter, that would be helpful, too. Feel free to also include your thoughts or any other information that you’d like to share. If you don’t know the names of plants and critters, don’t worry. Just feel free to photograph anything that you find beautiful or interesting on any Sourland region park or preserve. 

If you would prefer to attend a Sourland Conservancy educational seminar, guided hike, stewardship event or fundraiser, we'd love to have you! Please email photos@sourland.org to schedule in advance.

We are also looking for videographers to choose a project and submit footage to us. We already have a volunteer who will add titles, etc.


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How To Apply


Please complete the short survey to indicate your subjects of interest.