Gaming Non Profit is Looking for a Reddit Savvy Outreach Associate!



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)




Who we are:


We’re Do a Barrel Roll, a Canadian registered non-profit organisation dedicated to leveraging the power of gaming to drive positive social change in the lives of individuals and their communities. We focus our work in topics of acceptance, inclusion, belonging, community, friendship and healthy living. We’re all volunteers – we believe in the work that we’re doing and we’re excited to keep pushing forward.


What we’re doing:

Do a Barrel Roll is working on a project to challenge endemic narratives about gaming by highlighting how it can be a vehicle for positive change, pro-social behaviour, community development, inclusion, acceptance, belonging, and healthy living.

We are looking for personal stories, thought pieces, and contributions by gamers all over the world. We think of gaming in the broadest possible sense: video; arcade; table top; mobile; AR/VR; LARPing; escape rooms; and, plenty of other categories. In particular, we are interested in stories that showcase how gaming has been a means by which gamers have found a sense of belonging, acceptance, inclusion, friendship or developed a community. Stories are the most powerful means of communicating this message.

And as our volunteer Outreach Associate - Reddit, we need your help!

What you’ll be doing:

As an Outreach Associate – Reddit, you’ll be assigned the responsibility of managing our outreach efforts on Reddit. Over and over again there are stories on Reddit from users about how gaming has been a positive influence in their lives. These are stories we would love to capture as part of our Narrative project.


The position would require you first to identify, organise and subscribe to relevant subreddits in which possible contributions could be sourced. It would mean first organizing our subscriptions to subreddits that make sense for our mandate - /r/gaming, /r/games, /r/xboxone, /r/boardgames, /r/larping, /r/dnd etc...


The role will subsequently require you to regularly review these subreddits for outreach opportunities – individuals, users, or groups that have posted, commented, or contributed to a conversation of relevance to our Narrative project and its themes.


On identifying these possible stories, it will be your responsibility to reach out to the user or individual to invite them to contribute. It is essential that we give the opportunity to gamers themselves tell their story, as too often content is sourced from reddit by third parties without approval or citation. You should be able to keep robust and detailed information on who you have invited, so that you may follow up in the future.


To summarize, the Outreach Associate will

1.    Organise our Reddit feed to target specific subreddits

2.    Identify content and contribution opportunities

3.    Reach out to potential contributors over the Reddit platform

4.    Maintain a database/information on invitations to contribute

5.    Follow up with invitations as required.


Who are you (skills and experience):


You should be very familiar and comfortable with the Reddit platform.


You should be very familiar with gaming communities on Reddit.


You should have excellent writing skills and a native command of English. Other languages would be considered an asset.


You should have a strong ability to write courteously and diplomatically.


You should be social media savvy.


You must be a self-starter - excited and eager to work independently.


You should know how to research effectively.




How To Apply

How to Apply


To apply, please send your CV, and the name of your favourite game and your favourite subreddit to


Please put “Outreach Officer – Reddit” in the subject of your email.


Please note that this position is remote/at home and does not include remuneration.