Research and Information Specialist in USA for a Peruvian Conservation Organization



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


CDS at Carretera a San Alberto 5.5 km Oxapampa
CNEH-Peru at Jr. Puerto Inca 174 depto 302. Lima


You Can Help a Conservation Organization in the Peruvian Rainforest Grow!

The Education Center in Conservation and Sustainable Development/Centro de Capacitación en Conservación y Desarrollo Sostenible (CDS) began in 2011 as an initiative to facilitate and implement the goals of education, training and research in various aspects of conservation and sustainable development. Our land includes 15.5 hectares of cloud forest two streams, riparian forests, a reforested area and areas of local fruit cultivation. We are located in the buffer zone of Yanachaga Chemillén National Park (120,000 hectares/297,000 acres) in the Oxapampa province of Perú, which includes the Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Our team is made up of Dr. Florencia Trama, Dr. Federico Rizo Patrón, Dr. Anjali Kumar, Francisco Arroyo and Lorenzo, Federico and Florencia’s 3-year-old son. Our center is classified as a non-governmental organization in Perú, the Centro Neotropical de Entrenamiento en Humedales-Perú (CNEH-Perú) (N° Partida 11858168).

We have 11 years of experience teaching undergraduate students from the United States in Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Singapore, United Stated and Perú. We have taught courses about conservation biology, tropical ecology, sustainability and environment, field methods for ecology, conservation in Perú, and have supervised internships focused on conservation and sustainability.

We have been building our biological station and education center in order to bring student groups to stay and learn about conservation and sustainable development in the Peruvian rainforest. Currently we have infrastructure for 35 students to sleep at the station, two composting toilets, a hot shower and a kitchen. Volunteers at our station have completed several pilot projects including: the production of worm compost, composting tea, and regular compost; the design and implementation of a grey water system and a natural pool; the implementation of an organic garden, a greenhouse for native trees, an area for growing organic crops, an orchid garden and a guinea pig house; the development of building techniques with alternative materials (plastic, glass and cob). We also have active research projects including: conservation of streams, conservation of epiphytes, inventory of plants, insects, fungus and lichens; a project with camera traps to evaluate mammal diversity and a postdoctoral research project from Colorado State University about the reproductive behavior of cloud forest toads and frogs.

We have also instructed courses on ecology, biology, botany, field methods for ecology, conservation in Perú, reforestation at the Amazonian cloud forest, climbing and research techniques at canopy, sustainable construction with cob, production of compost and composting tea at our station with students from Perú.

The next step is to find universities in the United States that would like to send their students to study abroad or complete internships with our organization - and that’s where you come in!

We are looking for a volunteer that would like to help us research and compile information for a database we are completing to identify potential US universities for us to contact about partnerships for study abroad. We need a volunteer to do internet research and fill in columns in an Excel sheet for us which we are compliling into an Access Database.

The position will be located at your home or office and requires that you have an active internet connection to be able to search for information to compile the information that we need.

For your time and work you will receive experience as a research and information specialist work with a conservation NGO. The benefit of this position is that you will be doing meaningful conservation and education work without having to pay fees for travel or volunteering. We are excited to be able to begin this next step and need some help in getting started!

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Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon!