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Communitopia is a small environmental nonprofit with big ambition. We're looking for engaged people with useful experience --and who agree on the importance of effective communication about climate change-- to help us build the organization and achieve our goal of making eco-mindedness into a social norm.

Environmental outreach experience is not a requirement for board membership; we welcome different perspectives and there are many other fields where we could use coverage, including education, entertainment, fundraising, and organizational development.


  • Meetings are in the evenings, once/month
  • Membership on our working board, has a 5-10 hour/month commitment which includes the monthly meeting (some months it's less than that; other months, in the run-up to events, for instance, it's been more)

We generally have, in addition to the board, 1-3 volunteers helping out on a quasi-ongoing basis with a variety of things from event planning to social media. We are actively seeking revenue from a variety of sources to support our efforts. Our two main projects have been the Don't Just Sit There - Do Something! video series (with 90,000+ YouTube channel views to date), and FutureFest.

Press coverage that may give a better idea of our work:

Pittsburgh City Paper, by Bill O'Driscoll, on Don't Just Sit There - Do Something!

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, by Kellie Gormly, on FutureFest 2015

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, by Candy Williams on FutureFest 2017

If interested, please contact info with your relevant experience and interests. We look forward to hearing from you! See more at

About us:

Communitopia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is, through use of new media and project-based campaigns, to slow climate change and create healthier communities. We accomplish this by identifying, researching, and advocating for individual, community, and federal solutions to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and improve community resilience. Our three-word mission is “Making Green Mainstream.”

How To Apply

If interested, please contact Joylette Portlock ( with your relevant experience and interests. We look forward to hearing from you! See more at