Preservation of the mangrove forests of Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Uzi Island


Mangrove trees that are expected to stretch along coastal lines are important as animal habitats and natural seawalls. However despite this reality Mangrove forest are among the most threatened habitats in various countries. These trees are disappearing faster than other inland forests. Experts are informing us that the consequences of disappearing mangroves will be fisheries declines, threats to migratory bird species, degradation of clean water supplies, salinization of coastal soils, erosion and land subsidence. This project is organized to respond to the current trend of destruction of mangrove forest.

A number of activities will be organized leading to increased understanding and recognition of the importance of mangroves, regulated and sustainable development, law enforcement and monitoring to protect from illegal encroachment. These will include:

• Mangrove trees planting along the coastal lines

• Environmental education and awareness through sports, arts, workshops etc.

• Educational tours to various organizations working on environmental conservation and sustainability

• You will have a great opportunity for educational and cultural exchange activities with the volunteers in the team, local community members, etc. This will include cultural nights, educational tours/visit, workshops, debates, cultural shows/exhibitions, community engagement activities, Kiswahili language class and many other options.

Project dates: August 24 - September 8, 2018 

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