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All around the racetrack, you'll find flag stands where flaggers have great positioning to see any incidents that may occur, and also be in the line of sight of the drivers on the track to communicate things happening ahead.

Flaggers are equipped with radios and a complete bag of flags. A few flags stations may also require additional signs, such as "pits closed" or "loop closed" if those sections of the track are blocked. They typically wear all white clothing, so that they stand out, but yet blend in behind the flags. Most weekends require multiple flaggers on station to look both up and down the track.

When an incident happens on track, flaggers rely on a structured set of procedures for calling over the radio what the incident is, how severe it may be, and cars involved. At the same time, they will be using their flags to communicate the same thing to the drivers approaching the incident. For instance, a waving yellow will indicate to the drivers the incident has occurred on the racing surface, and is still there.

F & C has a very unique role in road course racing. They are the senses for the officials in the tower. They are the very first to see something happening on the track, and put into motion so many possibilities for response. From black flags for blocking, surface flags for oil on the track, or the double yellow for a full course caution, they allow for safe racing. Any driver will tell you, having flaggers (or corner workers) out there allows them to race their hardest without worrying about what lies around the next corner.

So if you want to be so close to the action that you can feel the air off the cars, this is the specialty for you. Next time you watch a race from Watkins Glen International, watch for the flaggers. They always seem to find their way onto tv.


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Go to our website and click on the Membership tab. Under "Application", an application may be downloaded for printing and can be submitted by mail along with a check for the membership fee amount to PO Box 84, Watkins Glen, NY 14891.