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Join the Witness for Peace (WfP) International Team (IT) for a 20-month term of service. IT work closely with our host partners in Cuba to design and plan participatory, people-to-people educational programs that help visiting groups from the United States understand the impact of global economics and U.S. policies on Cuba. IT serve as educational facilitators for these U.S. groups during ten day educational programs in Cuba, share WfP pedagogy to motivate U.S. participants, upon return, to disseminate lessons learned from educational exchanges in Cuba and to advocate for change in U.S. policies. IT work in close partnership with regional organizers in the U.S.

Please submit the following by IN WORD DOCUMENT FORMAT to

✓    Résumé (two versions: in English and Spanish)

✓    A completed application

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The start date for this position is October 31, 2018. IT members are responsible for paying for their airfare to Cuba.

General Responsibilities of the WFP International Team:

1.      Design Educational Programs: Assist in planning and facilitate 7-11 day experiential educational programs and accompany groups of 10 to 30 U.S. citizens or residents who visit Cuba. Responsibilities include providing an understanding of the impact of U.S. policies, providing cultural insight, and preparing delegates for a basic understanding of the Cuban context.

2.      Making and Maintaining Contacts: A significant amount of time is spent maintaining the collaborative relationship we have with our partners in Cuba. This relationship is vital in order to understand the political, economic, and social situation in Cuba, and serves as a basis for assisting in planning educational programs with our partners on the ground. A high level of professionalism is required, as IT are the main representatives for Witness for Peace in Cuba.

3.      Journalistic Documentation: IT investigate current events in Cuba as they relate to global economics and U.S. policies, and write articles and short reports, developing educational resources that put a human face on the impact of these policies.

4.      Arranging Speakers Tours: In coordination with WfP Regional Organizers in the U.S., IT assist in identifying speakers from Cuba to travel to WfP regions to speak about the impact of U.S. policies and the realities of Cuban society. IT assist speakers with immigration processes and developing their presentations, as well as accompany and interpret for the speakers throughout their time in the U.S.

5.      Supporting U.S. Campaigns to Change U.S. Policy: While organizing in the U.S. is led by the WfP National office and Regional Organizers, the IT is called on to support these efforts through coordination with returned delegates, mobilizing advocacy, designing educational materials, providing information for campaigns and contributing to the website and blog. IT help to maintain relationships among U.S. grassroots community leaders, civil society groups, and other NGOs both in urban and rural areas.

6.      Program Management: IT are responsible for running the Cuba program, including preparing financial reports and other administrative tasks, as well as being involved in WfP decision-making, committees and organizational meetings.

Desired Qualifications for International Team Members:

• Prior knowledge of and commitment to deepening analysis of U.S. policies towards Cuba, including the U.S. embargo/blockade on Cuba, U.S. travel ban, the status of the territory of Guantánamo, Cuba’s previous inclusion on the list of States Sponsors of Terrorism, and recent government-to-government negotiations between the U.S. and Cuba

•       Written and oral Spanish fluency

• Excellent language interpretation and written translation

• Experience and interest in planning participatory educational programs for groups

• Experience with group facilitation, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Knowledge about Cuban and Latin American history and social movements in the region

• Interest in taking part in organizational and program development (strategic planning, work planning, etc.)

• Experience working with, and a belief in the value of, collaborative partnerships

• Experience and/or knowledge of consensus decision making and popular education

• Personal initiative and ability to work independently, calling on partners as needed

• Excellent writing skills

• Basic computer literacy

• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience             

• Willingness to live in demanding and at times stressful conditions

• Minimum age of 21

• U.S. citizenship

• Willingness to commit to the WFP mission, covenant, anti-oppression statement and operating principles, and the mission of our partners in Cuba.

Benefits include a monthly stipend (approximately $286 per month), vacation pay, health insurance, dental care, room and board, and all work-related transportation and communications costs. After completing a year of service, IT receive a round trip ticket to the U.S. At the end of their full term of service, team members receive a ticket to the U.S. and a reentry stipend of approximately $1,900 plus two months of health insurance. This position is a 20-month term (ending in July 2020) with the potential to extend to a second term, pending evaluation of performance.


Witness for Peace is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its hiring practices and, in order to build the strongest organization possible, actively seeks a diverse applicant pool and strongly encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds (including race, ethnicity, religion, gender and/or sexual orientation) to apply. Persons of color are especially encouraged to apply. Contact Vanessa Reyna Peña with the WFP Cuba International Team ( if you have any questions.


  • Stipend Provided
  • Housing Available

How To Apply

Fill out an application found here:

Email the application and your resume in both English and Spanish to

Contact Vanessa Reyna Peña with the WFP Cuba International Team ( if you have any questions.