Volunteer with Elephants in Cambodia, Namibia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand



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Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


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Pod Volunteer works with elephant projects in Africa and Asia, where opportunities include volunteering at elephant sanctuaries with rescue elephants, as well as tracking and researching elephants in the wild!

Elephant Conservation in Cambodia

We are looking for volunteers to join the local team to help rehabilitate the elephants and enable them to experience a more natural life. Volunteers observe rescued Asian elephants in their natural forest habitat and learn how to carry out health checks to identify any concerns. Assist the daily running of the sanctuary through farming and construction tasks which directly benefits the elephants.

Desert Elephant Conservation in Namibia

Volunteers help the team protect and research desert elephants in the beautiful Southern African desert. We are looking for volunteers to build walls to protect farmers' water points and construct elephant drinking points, reducing conflict between the local population and elephants. The team also track and record data on the elephant population, to enhance understanding of these elephants.

Elephant Care and Research in South Africa

Join an active research team collecting data on African elephants, and contribute to research that guides best practice management of captive elephants worldwide. As part of this you will observe and record elephant behaviour, conduct night observations and botanical surveys. Volunteers also work hands on with the elephants to provide care and enrichment!

Elephant and Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka

Assist the local team to support vital conservation work in the national park and local communities. Volunteers are needed to assist research that aims to improve understanding and knowledge of the 300+ elephants and other wildlife in the area, including sloth bears, leopards and jungle cats. Join the team and support their initiatives to help elephants and communities live in harmony and protect them for the future!

Elephant Care in Thailand

Volunteers are needed to help the team provide refuge to domesticated elephants that have been used in the logging and tourism industries. Many of the elephants that have arrived at the centre came with severe health problems and bear the scars of previous abuse. The efforts of volunteers ensure that every elephant receives optimum care in the tropical animal sanctuary.

Get in touch and our team at Pod Volunteer can help find the perfect elephant project for you!

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How To Apply


When you apply via our online application form we will send a detailed Volunteering Guide with further information. We will look forward to helping match you to the right project and plan your travels!