Developing and promoting ecotourism in village communities in India

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Ecotourism involves two major themes: Nature and Culture. Ecotourism is a form of responsible travel which contributes to the protection of the environment in natural areas, and the preservation of culture in local communities. It also provides conscious travelers with unique experiences which cannot be provided by mass tourism.

Volunteers will start by getting to know the village, neighborhood and the villagers in order to work together with them and see the different aspects of their lives. Educating the locals about the problems and exploring possibilities for Eco-tourism is an important aspect of the work.

Volunteers have to develop a working methodology that taps into local resources and volunteers will develop a way of working, drawing local potential, introducing and setting up structures, such as: • Creating a database of information about the surrounding areas • Training and working with the local community in order to involve them and ensure active participation. • Raising awareness on environmental and cultural preservation • Setting up and running the Eco Tourism project • Making a website and promoting Ecotourism as a form of livelihood for the local community.

The main fields of work are: art, traditional life, sights, environmental awareness, food, agriculture, industry, medicine, landscape, outdoor activities, religion, and spiritual experience. Each of these fields is divided into more sub-fields. You will be working in a small team or individually to complete the database. The work profile includes site-based research. Therefore, the ability to search and research, preparing documents write reports is appreciated.

Duration of the project: The project is run all year round. Minimum commitment required is four months.

Arrival and orientation: Volunteers arrive at Kundapur by the first Monday of each month. The program will start with a week-long orientation.

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