Building Trombe walls for poor homes in the high Andes, Peru

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Every year during the low-temperature season, the population of several departments of the High Andean zones suffer the negative effects and damages caused by the cold weather. This affects mainly the more vulnerable groups of the population, both because of their social position (poverty and extreme poverty) and because of their age (young people, seniors, etc.). In order to counter this situation, they need viable actions not only of preparation and response, but also the inclusion of sustainable prevention and risk reduction measures in order to face the natural elements.

We started a project that has been already tested in other areas and that benefits families in extreme poverty affected every year by frost and cold. We are committed to improving the situation of the local community of Chucuito by building Trombe walls to increase the temperature of homes in a vulnerable state. The aim is to design, propose and implement the use of the Trombe walls in rural homes and this way to achieve thermal comfort in order to improve the quality of life of the people in the district of Chucuito in Puno Province.

The volunteers will work with local staff on the implementation of the Trombe walls. During the first week, the volunteers will learn the Trombe technique on a test house. During the rest of the project, they’ll split in groups in order to reproduce it on three other houses.

In the morning, the volunteers will go to the beneficiary house and work as a team to carry out the construction of the Trombe wall:

1) preparation of the foundations of the wall;

2) realization of air conducts and painting the wall;

3) construction of wooden structures;

4) positioning of greenhouse covers.

In the afternoon, the volunteers will be meeting the local people and sharing their customs and culture through intercultural activities.

Project dates: July 27 - August 17, 2018

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