Occupational/Physical Therapist or Nurse



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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


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Warm Heart Foundation
61 M.8, T. Maepang, A. Phrao
Chiang Mai


Warm Heart is a grassroots organization that empowers rural Thai villagers. Working with the community, Warm Heart organizes projects that improve access to education, basic health services, and sustainable incomes for the poorest people in the Phrao District of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here, four doctors serve 54,000 people. Seventeen clinics provide bandages, prescriptions and occasional stitches during normal business hours, five days per a week. The elderly and people with disabilities are left home while the rest of the family works. Often illnesses and disabilities are incorrectly diagnosed. To address these issues Warm Heart has started systematically surveying individuals in each sub-district to identify what pains them, what they need, and what could make their lives easier. We are now working on incorporating a therapeutic mobile visit aspect to the program to relieve these individuals and to help them regain their strength and confidence.

Position Overview

Warm Heart seeks an innovative and caring Occupational/Physical Therapist or Nurse to provide mobile home visits to the elderly and persons with disabilities in our community.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Utilize professional judgment and clinical knowledge to evaluate individual’s abilities through functional and standardized assessments, skilled observation, and interviews
  • Develop individualized plans for patients to help them function as independently as possible. These may include therapeutic and strengthening exercises, functional training, manual therapy techniques, and problem-solving, memory and coordination games.
  • Communicate (through translators) with individuals’ families to instruct them as to how to better support, expedite, and assess therapy progress
  • Maintain clinical and administrative records to provide detailed reports on individuals, their disabilities, and their therapeutic needs
  • Assist with other projects, as assigned (e.g. volunteers are required to teach English for 2 hours of each week)


  • Innovative and well-versed in therapeutic techniques in order to provide assistance to an isolated community with limited resources
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Occupational/Physical Therapy or Nursing
  • Organized and self-supporting
  • Conversationally fluent in English

View detailed job description: http://warmheartworldwide.org/occupationalphysical-therapist-or-nurse/

Apply online at http://warmheartworldwide.org/volunteer-application-2017/

Fee Required


  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Apply online at http://warmheartworldwide.org/volunteer-application-2017/