Treasurer, Board of Directors



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


5306 Third Avenue
2nd Floor
United States


The Board of Directors, as a group and as individuals, is not only expected to provide organizational governance, but also take an active role in fundraising, fiscal stewardship, networking, public relations, long-range strategic development, event planning, and Board recruitment. Directors must exercise a strong sense of professionalism and high moral standards, maintaining the best interest of the organization in sight.

Board members are expected to meet at the organization's New York office at least once a year and participate in teleconferences scheduled between Board meetings during the year. Directors must be available for consultation on issues critical to the organization and the Board, given reasonable request by the Board Chair or the President & CEO.

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the financial records of the organization and oversees accounting and financial management efforts.
  • Conduct periodic assessments of the financial progress and stability of the organization to ensure its welfare and overall financial health.
  • Present the annual budget to the Board for approval.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local filings in a timely manner each year.
  • Create reports and analyses to distribute to the Board and Senior Staff and assists in the compilation of the Annual Report.

Board of Directors Responsibilities:

  • Set and ensure fidelity to mission and approve organizational strategy, goals, plans and budgets.
  • Establish policies, and ensure management systems are in place to guide the organization through its normal course of business and that it is in compliance with its policies and procedures.
  • Help raise private and public funds to support the AMPHS mission.
  • Approve major engagements in public policy and other external affairs activities.
  • Establish measures of organizational performance and effectiveness, monitoring both the Board's performance and the performance of senior level staff members.
  • Ensure appropriate management of major risks including risks to the organization's name, reputation, and intellectual property.
  • Set policy and criteria for management of AMPHS's financial assets and monitor performance against these policies and criteria to strategically outline the organization’s long-term growth.
  • Create and policies for developing the Board of Directors, including recruitment, tenure, leadership, board structure and composition, and board assessment and evaluation.
  • Assist the organization in establishing a public brand, educating the public about the organization's mission and vision.

Individual Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Understand AMPHS' mission, vision, and overall goals.
  • Assume responsibility to be fully informed of major organizational issues, including finance and audit.
  • Make a significant commitment of time for meetings, orientation and for periodic consultation with the President & CEO and other senior managers.
  • Network with external sources to promote the organization's mission, goals, and achievements.
  • Contribute annually and set an example for others by making AMPHS a top giving priority commensurate with other personal responsibilities. Assist management in identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and acknowledging major donors and securing public funding.


Previous professional experience or an advanced graduate degree in a business, accounting, or a related field is preferred. The candidate must express enthusiasm to work with others, as communication and collaboration with Board members is essential. The candidate should demonstrate superior writing abilities, be comfortable communicating with other community leaders to represent the organization and the Board, and be comfortable with performing governance fundraising responsibilities.



How To Apply

Please submit your Resume / CV and a cover letter to, along with any additional documentation or exhibits that may support your application.