Australia Wallaby Rescue

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kangaroo island
South Australia


Travel to Queensland in Australia for the conservation adventure of a lifetime. Spend time in the wild outback of this sun-soaked destination, as you care for baby and adult wallabies injured through human activity. It isn't hard to see why this vast and rugged continent has captured the hearts of visitors from every walk of life and every part of the world. You cannot fail to fall in love with the laid back lifestyle, the gorgeous weather and the unique wildlife. However leaving at the end of your adventure may be a bit more of a problem!

Wallabies are a well known symbol of Australia yet they are slaughtered for meat and injured through road traffic accidents in their thousands, often leaving behind tiny joeys to fend for themselves. Help in the rescue and rehabilitation of these adorable and fascinating marsupials, each with its own character and behaviour. As you will be spending time with the wallabies and being responsible for their every need you will build an incredible bond with them, making this project an absolutely irresistible prospect for anyone with an interest in these unusual and appealing creatures and a desire to travel to the glorious sunshine of Down Under!


Although wallabies and kangaroos are protected by law in Australia, it is easy to obtain a permit that allows individuals to shoot and kill these animals for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Although there are guidelines and a code of conduct in place that seek to ensure as humane a death as possible for the animals, this does not always protect the marsupials from suffering. Many are shot in the neck or chest, causing a slow, painful death, or snared in traps where they will slowly starve. Often if a mother is killed as a pest, the joey in her pouch will eventually die as it has no way of looking after itself.

Because of their curious and fearless nature, thousands of wallabies are involved in road traffic accidents and seriously injured as a result. The centre seeks to rescue injured or orphaned wallabies, tend to their needs and nurse them to good health. By joining this project you will help to ensure that many wallabies are saved from certain death, ensuring that the species as a whole continues to thrive and to be a symbol of Australia's wildlife as it has been until now.


This project is a perfect way to experience animal care with wild animals that have been rescued from injury or abandonment. Wallabies are extremely appealing, friendly and inquisitive creatures that are a pleasure to care for. They are particularly interesting as marsupials, demonstrating all the unique characteristics that make this group of native Australian mammals inimitable.

Your daily activities could include feeding, possibly hand-rearing the wallabies (if applicable at the time of your visit), and cleaning and maintaining their living quarters. Your day will start early, around 5am, and the work can be physically challenging, although this is no hardship when the weather is as beautiful as it is in Queensland! There are also a range of other animals at the centre that need caring for.

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