Help NGO Amazon Shelter to keep on protecting wild animals in Madre de Dios, Amazonia.



Times of day


Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Km 11 tambopata road
puerto maldonado
Madre de Dios


Experience the real life in the jungle, sleeping in wooden lodges, in the middle of nowhere, waking up with the sounds of birds, insects and monkeys. 

Magali Salinas created the Amazon Shelter Center in 2005 in order to rescue wild animals being victim of mistreatments. We work for the preservation, conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife and for the protection of the Amazonian biodiversity at large. Here in the center we have 18 enclosures, we welcome between 40 to 60 animals depending on the arrivals and releases. 

The Center is located 12 kilometers away from Puerto Maldonado, which is known to be the gateway city to the Amazonian forest. Very convenient to come here, as there is a Puerto Maldonado airport, as well as many buses serving this city. 

We need volunteers to help us with the tasks related to the care of our animals and to the maintenance of the site.

There is no minimum neither maximum stay time. Volunteers can come for a few days, as well as for a few weeks or months. 

The contribution we ask for is 130soles per day, which includes access to the room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. As most of our budget comes from the volunteers, volunteering in our center helps us to keep on going with our work, you would therefore be fully part of the general project and would contribute to help us succeeding with our missions. 

Being located in the middle of the jungle, without internet connection, it is for those who seek a real experience of nature.


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