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Volunteer in Goa, one of India's most treasured and beautiful regions. Work with impoverished communities by teaching and inspiring its members towards a better future!

About the Project

Volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute to one of 3 organized settings. These include a short-stay shelter for women and girls in distress, a public school in desperate need of staff, and a boys orphanage. Each of these projects are seeking volunteers to teach English to students, show care and affection to children, and help out with other various tasks as needed.

A volunteer's goal will be to provide all of the children he/she encounters with a safe, healthy, and caring environment. This project provides a great opportunity to share each participant's personal experiences and knowledge from abroad with children who have limited other connections to the large world they live in. The main aims of these projects are to teach basic knowledge of English, interact with children and help them with daily needs, and to provide awareness to the surrounding community about the importance of education for the future of each child.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

Teaching project: Education is an extraordinary tool when it comes to development. The students' ages range from preschool age to high school age. Here, volunteers will help teach sports, English, and/or computer science. The most important thing is that each volunteer has a passion for education and children during he/she's volunteer project and that he/she spreads that enthusiasm to the children and communities with which he/she will work with.

Slums Outreach project: If a volunteer chooses to participate in the orphanage program, he/she will spend these days playing with the children, teaching them English, and generally facilitating the children's over all happiness. This orphanage has an integrated primary and secondary school for their residents. The school is also available for underprivileged children who live in the area and provides housing, food, and educational materials for these students. Please note that this project is not available in April and May.

Women's Shelter project: here, participants will be assisting with the education of the young girls by teaching them English in fun and interesting ways. Volunteers will also facilitate various games to promote both relaxation and physical exercise. This provides the girls and women with a much needed break from the stresses of their lives and a time to just have fun. The cultural exchange and interaction with international volunteers provide the girls and women with confidence and exposure to wonderful, strong role models. Please note that participation in this project is only available to women volunteers.

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