Independent Living Skills Presenter



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


United States


Location: Fairfax, VA or Mount Vernon, VA

Description: PRS is looking for knowledgeable, skills-based professional volunteers to present an independent living skills topic at one of our Recovery Academy Day Programs during Registration Week.

Hours: One hour during Registration Week (which occurs during the week between 10am-2pm). Registration weeks occur quarterly throughout the year. Can be a one-time opportunity or ongoing if preferred.

Registration Weeks are designed to excite new clients to join our Recovery Academy and work on recovery goals. We fill the week with a variety of presentations for PRS clients that may teach them skills and tools to cope with everyday life.

Topics have included (but are not limited to): Job skills, financial management, dental hygiene, transportation, health & wellness, stress management, social activities, team building, dance therapy, music or art and much more. Our clients love learning a variety of skills!

Duties: Teach a class of 40-60 adults with mental illness and co-occurring disorders in a presentation setting. The volunteer will present a topic that will help clients to understand and learn new tools and skills to help them in their everyday life. The person will be flexible, creative, patient, and understand how to present and effectively communicate material to individuals with a variety of cognitive functioning levels. You can choose to present as a one-time occurrence, or re-occurrence, at either Tysons or Mount Vernon locations, or both! Presentations should last about 1 hour.

Qualifications: Proven experience in the topic or field in which the volunteer is presenting.

More about PRS Recovery Academies:

PRS has two Recovery Academy Day Program locations - one in Fairax and one in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Based on the structure of a community college, the Recovery Academy is designed to: provide targeted psycho-educational curriculum in twelve week blocks; be a normalizing environment so that each client can focus on his recovery goals and identify as a student in recovery; and, most importantly, promote movement out of PRS' facility-based programming and into meaningful community alternatives such as work, volunteering and school. The course catalog includes over 40 class offerings, such as Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Coping Skills, ESL, Introduction to Recovery, Job Talk, Nutrition, Thinking Skills for Work, Let's Get Moving, Grief and Loss as it Relates to Mental Illness, Spirituality, Money Management, Reaching Residential Success, Social Skills I & II, Stress Management and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). The Recovery Academy is a day program, and clients generally attend between three and five hours a day, three to five days a week.

How To Apply

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