Providing care and social activities for mentally challenged children in Kpalime, Togo

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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Kpalime, Kloto
Plateaux Region


This project is special because the international volunteers will be working with children who are mentally challenged. These children are neglected in the local communities. They are not accepted by the society and are often passed for burden or curse for their families. The goal of the center is to facilitate the integration of the mentally challenged children by offering them school education and/or professional training considering their abilities. But the children don't get enough care during the summer holidays. It is important to take actions for the good education and training of those children in order to secure the best possible future for them. Everybody who cares about these children is welcome to join this project.

The general objective of the project is stimulating the development and growth of the children with intellectual disability through educational and play activities. The volunteers will supervise and lead the children in games and playful situations of educational and instructive nature. Through participation in these activities, the children will discover a different way of learning.

The international group of volunteers will guide the children in different activities and workshops like drawing, painting and modeling, singing and dance, tales, sketches, sport, etc. The volunteers can present typical cultural aspects of their country such as songs, dances, games, etc. At the end of the project, the volunteers will organize a presentation of the realized activities in the square of the village.

This project is dedicated exclusively to the activities with children. It is open to volunteers who have the skills and the willingness to work with mentally challenged children and who can accept their differences. The volunteers must be responsive, patient and understanding. The volunteers will work in close collaboration with a team of skilled teachers.

Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in a community house.

Location: The city of Kpalimé has around 95 000 inhabitants. It is situated at approximately 2 hours from Lomé in a beautiful natural environment in the heart of Cocoa and Coffee Country. The zone surrounding the city is rich and fertile, surrounded by mountains and thick woods, deep valleys and small peaceful villages. The landscape always remains green even during the dry season. Despite the intense agricultural development, the region of Kpalimé has preserved some of the most attractive forests of Togo that are abundant in mahoganies, wawas and irokos. Numerous natural waterfalls will allow you to swim and relax by the water. A lively market is held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The inhabitants come from all over the region to sell their products and to shop. The market offers many exotic fruits. Kpalimé is also the most important arts and crafts center of the country where many artists and craftsmen (woodcarvers, potters, weavers) have settled down.

Duration of the project: 1 - 12 months. Volunteers are expected to arrive at the beginning of the month (from 1st to 5th of the month) because of the training week session for each project.

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