Volunteer Manager | Develop and manage an international team!



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


San Jose
United States


About the Position

We’re looking for a Volunteer Manager/Director of Staff who’s passionate about making the world a better place, loves communicating with others, and is interested in Human Resources. This is a great opportunity to utilize your people skills and grow your work experience in interpersonal relations/HR while also contributing to an organization working to transform how development works by making it more innovative, community-involved, and youth-led. We have had over 70 formal applications to join our team and we have new interest almost every day. However, we are at the stage of growth where we need someone taking over this area of our work, as well as making sure our team members feel satisfied and like they are positively contributing throughout their experience volunteering with us.

Your responsibilities may include: 

  • Outreach to interested volunteers from various channels 
  • Managing volunteer postings on various sites and recruiting for positions 
  • Writing and editing position descriptions
  • Setting up 15 minute phone conversations for certain positions 
  • Sifting through Typeform applications to find the right candidates for our organizations 
  • Collecting bios and headshots of team members for our website 
  • Meeting monthly with AYANA’s founder via Skype to discuss progress (short call of around 15-30 minutes) 
  • Working with students from all over the globe to develop AYANA chapters and measure their progress 
  • Keeping metrics on team growth, team member satisfaction, and student involvement in our newly initiated chapter system

Who we're looking for

We are looking to find someone who is committed and passionate to become a member of our leadership team, guiding AYANA as it grows to reach even more young people and create sustainable change across the globe! We are looking for someone in high school or college, but location does not matter, as our entire team is made up of young people (ages 15-24) and works remotely and collaboratively from all over the world!


Far too often, young people are left out of decision-making on issues affecting their communities. Rather than creating short-term solutions based what we think developing communities are in need of, we empower youth living in these areas, who truly understand the issues in their communities, to create and implement the solutions, ensuring long-term sustainability of these life-changing projects. We work with partnering NGOs in developing countries to customize and implement our Youth Innovation Lab programs, week long workshops designed to empower youth to create solutions to benefit their local communities using design thinking to analyze a specific issue and understand the population which it affects. Then, we work with the partnering organization and the project designers to make selected project ideas a reality. So far, we have reached over 300 young people in 6 cities in Africa with aims to expand internationally!




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