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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Buenos Aires


The volunteers will have available a large number of alternatives according to their interests and abilities. We mix two activities in different places, so volunteers have a larger view of Argentina and they can cooperate in two projects. Among the activities volunteers have the chance to choose between the following projects: - Art workshops in hospitals for children : Volunteers will help in art workshops in hospitals with the aim of promoting creativity and happiness for those children that are waiting to visit doctors or to have some controls. - Immigrant rights: This is a project that promotes immigrant rights regarding employment, living conditions, education, etc. Volunteers will help in communication to prevent discrimination and spread the message of the project. They will teach English to children from different ages. - Art workshops and sports : Volunteers will help a social organization to develop activities for children and families in a semi-rural area of Buenos Aires. There are not many activities for this population so it is a way to promote social inclusion. Volunteers will have the chance to suggest activities according to their skills. The organization has a vegetable garden, bakery lessons for women, computer lessons, cinema workshops, homework support, among other activities. - Homework support and recreational activities with kids. This is a social organization that works for promoting children rights and for eradicating children labour, adictions and violence prevention. They have three offices where volunteers can develop workshops and activities related to sports, games and art with children.

Orientation: All volunteers are required to attend a training in Buenos Aires upon arrival.

Language: Spanish, English

Duration of the project: Minimum stay of 3 months is recommended so that volunteers can get involved in local projects, adapt to the new culture and feel the impact of their work. Volunteers should arrive on one of the following dates: February 23/24, May 4/5, June 8/9, August 3/4, October 1/2.

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