Literacy camp for children in Indonesia

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


North Maluku


The famous Eastern Indonesia region has abundant natural wealth. Ternate city is located in North Maluku Province. The city is surrounded by sea and consists of eight small islands and three of them are uninhabited. It is a gorgeous, swathed with jungle and wild clove trees area. The magnificent tourist sights of Ternate do not compare with the conditions of marginalized children who live in the city. There are at least 50 kids who live in vulnerable groups without enough access to studies, as books are expensive, and the libraries are only available in schools or in public places. This triggered the start of the Street Library program. The Street Library provides access to books and learning for the marginalized kids.The volunteers will assist the kids to learn by storytelling, games, cultural exchanges, in four different locations. As the Street Library has no shelter, activities will be held on the street and traditional markets.

Project dates: July 20 - August 2, 2018

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