Patient Coordinator, Holy Family Surgery Center



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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Francisco Morazán Department



Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, inspired by Christian values, nurtures orphaned and

vulnerable children in a loving, stable, secure family environment. We keep brothers and

sisters together and provide a quality education, healthcare, and spiritual formation. We

model our values through serving the communities in which we live.


A world without poverty where all children develop their unique potential, becoming

productive members of society serving their community.


The Holy Family Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgical center under the One World

Surgery ( umbrella located on the grounds of NPH Honduras.

The surgery center has a full-time Honduran staff that performs surgeries year round.

Teams of approximately 60 people from the US also routinely visit the surgery center for

week-long medical missions. During medical missions, clinical and nonclinical participants

come together to perform over 60 life-changing surgeries for Hondurans who would

otherwise go without treatment. 

The Patient Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the care of Holy Family Surgery

Center patients in coordination with the permanent and visiting physicians for both

ongoing clinic and surgery days as well as during all medical missions (15 medical missions

scheduled for 2018, with more possible). They will also assist with other general tasks to

prepare the center for medical missions as well as administrative tasks such as the

inventory and purchasing of medicines and supplies.

The typical work hours are from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, but early morning and evening hours

will be required during medical missions. The Coordinator should expect to work 50-60

hour weeks and possibly more during a medical mission.

Supervisor and Department  

Supervisor: Holy Family Surgery Center Administrative Director

Department: Holy Family Surgery Center 

Key Responsibilities 

 Coordinate the care of all Surgery Center patients by:

 fielding calls and requests for appointments, 

 maintaining an organized waitlist and database of patient information,

 scheduling patients for clinic and surgery appointments,

 responding to patients’ concerns, and being aware of and scheduling necessary follow-up care

 Manage patient flow on clinic and surgery days as well as during medical 


 Assist periodically during clinic and surgery days by helping prepare and clean 

the clinic and ORs, as well as surgical instruments

 Complete all tasks necessary to prepare the Surgery Center for visiting medical 

missions including coordination with visiting physicians from the US,

departments at NPH Honduras, and other agencies in Honduras 

 Act as a key liaison during medical missions by responding to the questions of

medical mission participants 

 Assist when necessary with the inventory and purchase of supplies

 Help with or lead other projects and activities at Holy Family Surgery Center 

when necessary


Knowledge, skills, experience and abilities

 Spanish Language Skills

 Bachelor’s degree in any health-related field (premed, biology, chemistry, public 

health, etc.)

 Medical experience (volunteering in a hospital, shadowing a physician, or 

preferably time spent in a surgery center or operation room)

 Organizational and time-management skills to plan and maintain patient 

schedule, as well as documentation and reports

 Ability to work collaboratively in a team, but also take initiative and work 


 Microsoft Office literate

 Organized and willing to take initiative to start and maintain new programs 


NPH is guided by the following core values: 

 Love & Security: manifested in the safety and stability of the family and realized 

by profound personal engagement in preparation for meaningful life and gainful


 Responsibility: learning to be responsible and to respond to the needs of others,

both individually and collectively. 

 Sharing: developing kindness, empathy and care for others, through what we say

and do. 

 Work: learning to contribute to one’s family and community on the path to


 Faith & Service: putting Christian values into action. 

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Applicants must apply through NPH.