Marketing master needed for world peace!



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)




How can your marketing skills make our world more peaceful?

We have an idea...

We are creating a cell phone app that uses gamification as a tool for a variety of goals that leads to a more peaceful world, some examples of the goals of the app:

1. Increase awareness of the UN SDG:s and reward every-day behavioural changes that helps reaching the goals.

2. Inspire for universal values of goodness that are cross-cultural and as a by-product creates peace on both a individual, national and global scale, such as

Kindness, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Curiosity, Compassion etc.

3. Engage the player in their own inner journey of peace by a toolkit of psychology-based every-day contemplations and actions.

Our prototype will launch by the end of August this year and we need your skills in marketing to reach out to all the potential players! And we got a huge budget!

Your main task will be to use the $10.000 we get every month on Google Adwords, thanks to our participation in the Ad Grants program.

The Ads will redirect potential players into our landing pages and we need your mastery of advertising so that we get as many dedicated players as possible out of the Ad Grants.

Our platform is the Swedish non-profit organization Ways to world peace, and as our name implies, we believe there are as many ways to world peace as there are people on Earth, and it is our mission to support people in contributing in their own unique way to a more peaceful world.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

//Albin, Ebba and Erik

Ways to World Peace




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How To Apply

We're so happy that you're interested in helping us to create world peace!

Please describe your experiences within the marketing field and we'll set up a virtual meeting to connect!

/The Ways to World Peace Team