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RAW Haiti
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Next trip Jan 5-12, 2019!

Come join our great teams going to Haiti! We need many professionals and people that like to work with children along with learning about another culture. Please see below for further information!

Contact Corey, Executive Director, for further information also--

Following Trip June 2019, Jan 2020...

Professional Volunteer Team

Trip Dates: December 29 to January 14, 2019

Most people will come around January 5th for 1 week.

Teams of 4 or more can create their own dates

Guest House: Santo 22, Impasse Merilien #7, PAP, Haiti

Josue: 4755-7989 / 3254-2423

The trip will be organized under the auspices of Corey Gifford and Recovery and Wellness (RAW) Haiti. Director Woodeman Joseph will also be helping manage the trip. Josue Joseph will be the trip leaders on the ground in 2019. RAW is a non-profit organization with the mission to empower youth in Haiti by promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness. RAW Haiti was established to aid in the recovery from poverty and increase mental health supports currently through stress management programs. We provide a variety of different services and relief. Please visit our website for further information about our current programs.

A majority of time will be focused on training and working with our youth soccer teams from City Sun. The youth will be transported to our collaborating soccer field for camp activities. We will have practice, teach yoga, art, and leadership along with other volunteer interests. Another goal of the team is to raise $600 for building a new roof on the large stage for shade at the community soccer field. The building likely would take 2 days. Some days the team will visit a long-term orphanage connection, Damabiah Orphelia, located in Delmas 48. They need help with children programs (English, yoga, art, dance…), but also food and water. Volunteer requests and organizational needs will drive the exact schedule before the trip.

We may have an amazing new opportunity for construction projects to build our youth center! Corey is currently trying to buy a piece of property in Santo that the organization will be able to use. This summer we have been able to negotiate a price and find a lawyer. Josue is working on verifying the papers with the Haiti notary, managing the lawyer, and get the land measurements complete. We hope that all goes well and we can start to build a wall, 1 room shop, and security room as soon as the land is ours. Once we have a safe compound we hope to start building the youth center and volunteer space.

RAW Haiti would be glad to collaborate with volunteers about what kinds of work they would like to be doing to help the children in Haiti: art and soccer programs, English, dance, yoga, construction, medical and dental work, missions work, counseling, and many other are possible. For example, we would like to welcome doctoral clinical psychology students to join our supervised practicum/internships in 2019. Likely, students may want to focus on cultural emersion, program evaluation, projective children evaluations, and stress management programming with children (for 1-2 weeks). Creating specific goals and plans for providing aid will be done collaboratively between team members and RAW Haiti leaders. Phone and/or video conference meetings will be done with all volunteers as they commit or consider taking a trip with us to make specific trip plans.

Initial Trip Schedule

Day 1

You arrive at the airport in Haiti, go through customs ($10 tourist fee), grab a $2 cart for your bag as needed. Obtain your bags from baggage claim and don’t let workers help you or they will expect a big tip. Soon as you come outside we will have transportation and security waiting at the airport with a RAW Haiti sign. They will help you the rest of the way and drive to our Family Guest House that is gated. What we can accomplish this first travel day will depend on our flight times. Our team will meet for dinner to discuss plans and projects for the week. The focus of this day will be to travel, get situated, meet with the team, and unpack all supplies. The Haiti team will be preparing all needed things before the American team arrives.

-The exact scheduling will depend on volunteer dates and preferences. A detailed schedule will be sent to everyone about three weeks before the trip.

Soccer Field Days- Some Days will look like this:

●      7:30 am: Breakfast at Guest House

●      8:00 am: Team trainings, creole lessons, and working on specific projects (solar or metal art village).

●      12ish: Lunch all together -Peanut butter and jelly- or bring cliff bars or Pate

●      Prep snack for the kids practice.

●      1:30pm- pack up and head to the soccer field. Set up kids programs

●      3pm-5: Kids come for an extra special practice/small tournament day. Each day we will have a different age and gender group of about 45 kids.

●       5pm: pack up and go back to the guest house, relax, shower, have dinner, meetings, and bed

●      Some camp days we will be at the soccer field 9-3pm.

Orphanage, Construction and Youth Development Camp days commonly are:

●      7:30 am: Breakfast at Guest House

●      8:00 am: Travel to Orphanage (or other locations depending on the team) and meet

●      9 am: Get working on specific projects: kids programs…construction…

●      12ish: Lunch all together. Peanut butter and jelly- or bring cliff bars

●      4pm: go back to the guest house, relax, shower, have dinner, meetings, and bed

-Sunday’s have least traffic and commonly focused on dental clinics and Downtown Tour along with Excursions.

-We can have 1 Day of Haiti’s beauty! Beach Day!

-There will be some days that training will be the focus all day at the guest house (yoga, leadership, excel, working with kids, curriculum building, program development meetings.). If you are not a trainer there will be other team projects for you to work on or participate in.

Your last day in Haiti-

●      Breakfast at the guest house and take team photos

●      Possible street shopping as a team near the airport/metal art village

●      Depends on flights: Go to airport for flight as a team.

●      Fly back to Miami as a team hopefully

A detailed schedule will be available when the team is set 1 month before.

RAW Haiti will also be taking the team for a beach day during this week and other cultural excursions (like meeting with metal artists in Croix-des-Bouquet, beach day, and a tour of downtown PAP). Requests should be made during the planning phase please, so they can be incorporated. We have a great team that will be sure that you are safe, work hard, experience new things, and have fun.

 Trip Costs-

Guest House charges: $55 a night

Includes: Lodging/ all Food/Water/ 1 Beach Day

Transportation: $20 a day

Translator/Security: $25 a day

Total:  $100 a day for all needed= $1,000 for 10 days ($700 for 7 days…)


$500-$800 Plane Ticket- depending on how early you get the tickets and from where

We should seriously consider getting plane tickets 3 months before the trip


Please remember that raising additional money really helps us get more work done!

-For example, all volunteers please consider donating additional funds to provide good snacks for the kids each day that we are serving.

Costs will be paid to RAW Haiti via check (if possible mailed to 1143 Main Rd., Westport, MA 02790) 50-100% must be received 3 weeks before the trip starts. Any final payments must be made in full and in US cash the first day in Haiti.

Flights purchased by individuals and coordinated with RAW Haiti- unless there is a specific need for an alternative plan

We are recommending each volunteer bring an additional 200 dollars in spending money.

Additional supplies and funds will need to be raised for specific programs (funds for construction, medical supplies, art supplies…). RAW Haiti is also consistently helping in these efforts and will continue to do this on each trip, depending on resources available.


It is possible for people to raise funds for their trip and we will spend time helping and creating ways to raise these funds so don’t let the price tag detour you. RAW Haiti is a 501c3 and donors are able to receive receipts for tax deductions.

If you have questions please contact either: Corey at (774)526-8323 or

Please email her your CV, volunteer application, and/or licenses if applicable.


New Guest house address:

Santo 22, impasse merilien #7, pap, Haiti

Josue phone number: 4755-7989 / 3254-2423

Fee Required


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  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Contact Corey Gifford at for a remote interview and further information-