Volunteer in Iceland: Improving hiking trails in Dalir

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The volunteers will be joining a project in Hvammsfjörður with the local municipality of Dalabyggð, in the north-west of Iceland. The village in Búðardalur lies at the north-eastern end of Snæfellsnes peninsula and next to the West fjords.The project will take place at Búðardalur and volunteers will be repairing tracks and tidying up some of the public areas of the village and the sea shores where there is a lot of bird life.

Búðardalur is a small village with about 300 inhabitants so volunteers will get to know and experience living in a small Icelandic village. Búðardalur has a beautiful shoreline which the volunteers will help clean up in an outdoor project with a lot of clean air.

Duties can be physically demanding and may require good physical condition. No previous experience is needed.

Project dates: August 7 - August 21, 2018

Location: The project will take place in the West of Iceland, in a district called Dalabyggð (Valley district). Dalabyggð, was formed in 1994 when 8 municipalities were merged. The only town of Dalabyggð, Búðardalur, has about 300 inhabitants and is a service center for the area. The village has a long history, dating from the time of the first settlements in Iceland. The name means "Camp Valley", or more directly "dale of booths". It is where settlers had temporary camps when coming to the area.

There are many valleys in Dalir and often it is unclear where one starts and another ends. Further away from the coastline lie the many islands of Breiðarfjörður in all their glory which form a magnificent view when bathed in the light of the setting sun over this great fjord. The area is popular with hikers who can choose from many different paths and routes ranging from ‘easy’ to ‘challenging’ and ‘difficult’.

Dalabyggð is not only famous for hiking, it has been mentioned in many of the Sagas and was the setting in two of the very famous Viking sagas from 850 to 1300. Strong women have always played a key role in the history of Dalir. One of the first settlers of Iceland was Auður djúpuðga (The Deep-Minded) from Hvammur who played a vital role in freeing bonded men and claiming vast areas of land in Dalir.

At a short distance from the village is Eiríksstaðir, the homestead of Erik the Red, who discovered Greenland and whose son Leifur Eiríksson, born at Eiríksstaðir, discovered America ahead of Columbus.

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