Art, education and sports activities for children in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires


This is a project combining activities for and with youth in two youth centres in the city of Avellaneda, in greater Buenos Aires. The aims of the project are:

- To provide education to children and help families in a creative atmosphere for growth.

- To provide creative workshops through art.

The project involves two different programs in the same place: a kindergarten for children between 2-5 years and an afterschool program for children between 6-13 years. Volunteer tasks involve creative activities, support with children’s homework, sports, etc. The volunteers will also support a program providing art and cinema lessons to young people, focusing on developing skills for creating short films and other artistic productions. The volunteers will organize leisure activities for the children related to art and sports. They will be placed in workshops with a specific duration depending on each individual volunteer’s stay. Besides they can assist teachers during the lessons. Volunteers will organize art workshops twice a week: cinema, theatre, literature or any art workshop with teenagers. Since the program includes organizing afterschool activities, there is also the possibility to carry out activities during the weekend.

The volunteers will have weekly meetings to discuss various topics in order to understand and complement their social intervention as volunteers. There will be solidarity activities planned for all the volunteers to have common exchanges, like festivals, workshops in schools, etc. In addition, they will also organize activities for youth exchange alongside the other volunteers, such as festivals or cinema nights.

Special requirements: Intermediate Spanish level; Initiative to propose independent activities; Interest in learning about social programs in Argentina; Sensitivity to social and economic problems; Flexibility to adapt to the way of working in South America; Teamwork; Creative character and motivation; Interest in youth development; Basic knowledge on cinema, photography, theatre, literature, etc.


Orientation: All volunteers are required to attend a training in Buenos Aires upon arrival.

Duration of the project: Minimum stay of 3 months is recommended so that volunteers can get involved in local projects, adapt to the new culture and feel the impact of their work.

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