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Time Commitment

A few hours per month


One-time only


El Progreso, Yoro; Trinidad, Santa Barbara; and Talanga, Francisco Morazan
El Progreso
Yoro Department


Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and one of the most violent in the world, plagued by corruption, inequality (the highest in all of Latin America), human rights abuses and pervasive gang violence.

educate. is a small non-governmental non-profit organization that works to empower children and youth in Honduras through education and preventative healthcare. We work in El Progreso, Yoro; Trinidad, Santa Barbara and Talanga, Francisco Morazan.

We believe in responsible development. Run by individuals across Europe who have lived and worked in Honduras for many years, we work to foster connections with local communities and to work beneath local leaders and organisations towards our mission of empowering Honduran children and youth. We acknowledge and support the agency of Hondurans, bringing awareness to initiatives run by local people that are creating change on the ground.

We are looking for a semi-professional photographer to visit some of our projects in Honduras to capture the work that is taking place on the ground. We are in need of documentary-style photographs that capture the humanity and rawness of subjects without fetishising the themes of violence and poverty that are so often focused upon in non-profit media.

You would need your own photography equipment and would have to independently arrange transportation and accommodation in Honduras. However, we can assist with planning and finding transportation and accommodation should you wish.

Please contact us via email for more information and to discuss dates ect. Unfortunately we cannot provide financial compensation for this work, but you will of course be credited on our website and wherever the photographs are used.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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