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Saturday Projects Classes Volunteer: Call for Proposals

Volunteer Position Description

Position Title                                        Saturday Projects Classes Volunteer               

Location                                               Phnom Penh                        

Salary                                                    This is a voluntary position with no salary

Duration                                               Saturday mornings or afternoons, for 10 weeks




Volunteers at CCF not only participate within our organisation as highly valued and respected members of our team, but also as a huge part of our development and growth framework. Working to build capacity, volunteer placements focus on sharing valuable knowledge and skills with CCF staff and students- either within a set position, project or via on-the-job training or workshops. Placements are extremely rewarding and allow volunteers a hands-on opportunity to help grow and develop the very core of our organisation. By working with CCF, volunteers assist in empowering our local staff and students to truly become, not only educated and accomplished professionals, but the future leaders of this country.


CCF aims to support students from one of the poorest communities in Phnom Penh and help them become the leaders of the future. We teach math, science and other academic subjects - but leaders aren’t developed just through academic instruction. What we want are well rounded students who can think for themselves, communicate their thoughts and have the resilience and passion to see projects through in all sorts of situations and with all sorts of skills.

We are looking to recruit volunteers who can run a Saturday club for 10 weeks for groups of 12 students. The topic or medium is open for discussion: whether it’s a painting class, or debate team, or chess club. If you’ve got a hobby, a passion or are interested in helping students develop their own then we want to hear from you.

The only criteria is that it can’t be too resource intensive and you should be able to see some improvement towards some sort of a product or demonstration (such as a recital, competition, or open show) after 10 weeks of 1 ½ hour classes.


Section One: About You

Please introduce yourself. What is your current job or university level? What prior experience do you have? What is your motivation for creating this club for students at CCF?

Section Two: Topic of the Club

Please describe the subject topic you want to teach. What will the club cover, and how will that develop over 10 weeks? What skills will the students gain from the club?

Section Three: Example Club Meeting

Please describe what you imagine one club meeting will be like. How will you prepare before the students arrive? What activity will the students perform? Will they work in groups or independently? How will you manage clean-up activities with students before they leave?

Section Four: Proposed Budget

Will you need funding to pay for materials, or anything else? Will the students require any equipment? Please be as detailed and specific as possible.


Please fill out the form below, and attach your completed proposal. Under “start date” please list the earliest date that you can start if your proposal is accepted. Note that all successful applicants must undergo a criminal records check and adhere to the CCF Child Protection Policy. CCF may be able to provide guidance and support for the records check process for applicants with Cambodian citizenship. Non-Cambodian applicants will need to independently obtain records checks from their former country of residence.


At CCF we care for a lot of children and their families, but we also care about you. To ensure that everyone is safe we require all volunteers to provide:

o   A federal level police screening from your country of residence to ensure you are safe to work with children

o   Two references we can contact for additional background checks

o   Copy of your valid passport

o   A passport photo

o   Proof of your relevant qualifications

o   Health insurance for the duration of your placement at CCF (medical evacuation coverage at a minimum)


Apply by filling out the Volunteer Application form on the CCF website ( Please also send your proposal, CV and qualifications, where relevant.


  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Apply by filling out the Volunteer Application form on the CCF website ( Please also send your proposal, CV and qualifications, where relevant.